Rick Lang Portfolio

The included portfolios are a small part of a body of work of the written word found in the rural landscape that I have been working on since 1993.

Like John Steinbeck, in his book, Travels with Charlie, I am in search of myself by getting to know my homeland. While Steinbeck traveled the entire United States I have spent most of my time traveling my home region, the South. For me there is nothing more exciting than when I am in my van wandering down some back road. It has been my habit for some years now to go aimlessly down some random road, nowhere particularly in mind. This is how I find the subjects of my photographs.

United Arts of Central FloridaI wish to thank United Arts of Central Florida for recognizing and supporting my photography by awarding me with Personal Development Grants in 2003, 2006, 2009 and 2012.
Links to my online galleries:
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